Thanks, January

So at long last, we say goodbye to January. It really is like the longest month ever, with its 31 days and its bitter cold and the starkness that follows the festive color and coziness of the holidays. I mean, that right there is January in a nutshell: January is the serious month of the year,right?

Or maybe that’s what it was for me and other folks were out there swinging from the New Year rafters and jumping feet first into their veggies and tofu diets–for the first couple of weeks at least. Then, I’m pretty sure they were right there with me in the January trenches, thinking ah, well. Here we go again.

clouds-hd-wallpaper-landscape-67832Except by the end of the month, I quit. And I’m not gonna lie, just typing “I quit” right now still makes my palms sweat a little and I get a sick clunk in the pit of my stomach. But I’m also–and you can imagine me singing along with Michael Buble here because that’s exactly what I’m doing–feeling good.¬†


There’s lots more to the story so you’ll want to read Just Quit over at The Muffin.

BUT. I’d just like to add that timing is everything when it comes to quitting, just in case there’s anyone thinking of making changes right now. The timing for me came when I’d had years of preparation and the means available, yes, but it was more–and mostly– about the changes in me and in my life now. 2019 Cathy has something to say that’s different from 2017 or 2015 and especially 2010 Cathy when the writing world was new.

So I guess I should thank that interminably long month of January for the time to process all that. And I hope that you have a January–whenever it may come–when you’re ready to do some thinking about your new dawn, your new day, your new life. (Yeah, you knew I’d work in a way to sing again, right?)



Finding More Time to Write (And I’m Feeling Good)

If you’ve zipped over from the Hall of Fame, you already know I’ve consolidated my two blogs into one big, crazy writing blog here at Finders & Keepers. And if you’ve just happened by, now you know, too. Isn’t it swell that we’re all on the same page?

I’ve wrestled with this merging for awhile now, and I have to tell you, I’m feeling good. I’ve got lots of little details to work out (and I’m not as adept at using WordPress as I am at Blogger), but still, I’m feeling good. It was time to make this change, and I’m downright giddy thinking about the extra¬†time I’m going to have now, with only one blog to manage.

And yeah, there’s this tiny little voice that’s trying to squeak out something about me still wasting time playing online games and zipping around to a gazillion posts on Twitter and watching Youtube videos, but I’m not listening.

It’s a new year, it’s a new day, it’s a (sorta) new blog…and I’m feeling good.