Friday’s Fun Find: Live Long and Prosper

The Beneficent Mr. Hall met me for lunch and said, “Leonard Nimoy died.”

Not Mr. Spock! I loved Spock.

Okay, I loved Captain Kirk more, but Mr. Spock was next. I was a HUGE Trekkie, though I didn’t talk about that in public. I mean, I had a cool reputation and Star Trek, when it first came out, was not cool. It was dorky.

Still, I watched it religiously. Captain Kirk made my geeky little heart go pitter-pat, despite his over-the-top dramatics. Bones made me laugh and Spock made me think. Logically, of course.

And so this Friday, I salute Leonard Nimoy. I found this terrific send-up of Spock, in an Audi commercial, of all things. Mr. Nimoy seems to be enjoying himself and his iconic character, and that makes me smile.

Off you go, old friend, to your final frontier.