Friday’s Fun Find: Live Long and Prosper

The Beneficent Mr. Hall met me for lunch and said, “Leonard Nimoy died.”

Not Mr. Spock! I loved Spock.

Okay, I loved Captain Kirk more, but Mr. Spock was next. I was a HUGE Trekkie, though I didn’t talk about that in public. I mean, I had a cool reputation and Star Trek, when it first came out, was not cool. It was dorky.

Still, I watched it religiously. Captain Kirk made my geeky little heart go pitter-pat, despite his over-the-top dramatics. Bones made me laugh and Spock made me think. Logically, of course.

And so this Friday, I salute Leonard Nimoy. I found this terrific send-up of Spock, in an Audi commercial, of all things. Mr. Nimoy seems to be enjoying himself and his iconic character, and that makes me smile.

Off you go, old friend, to your final frontier.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Live Long and Prosper

  1. Cathy–If I remember correctly, he did some poetry reading records (or did he sing?) and if continue to remember correctly, they were less than wonderful. However, he WAS great as Spock.

  2. I was so sad to hear he passed. He was fabulous as Spock. My sisters and I all tried to copy his facial expression with the one eyebrow lift that he used whenever Captain Kirk had an idea he disagreed with. I never quite mastered it, but I tried for many years! RIP, Mr. Nimoy.

  3. I read this on Friday and didn’t have time to comment—busy weekend at my house. But I’m back to say that I love that commercial, and always loved Star Trek. When Joe and I were first married we’d watch Star Trek reruns every night while eating our dinner. We played Star Trek trivia on road trips with questions we made up ourselves, trying to stump each other. And I can do the Vulcan V — with both hands. πŸ™‚

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