I Will Not Put Birds in the Title of This Post

I will not write about birds.

I will not write about birds.

I will not write about…Gak! Just this one thing. This morning, I’m working in the office, typity, typity, typity, when I hear a crash. So I dash to the kitchen where I notice first, the door is open (when will Libs learn to close the door behind her?) and second, a bird flying around the kitchen.

As this is not my first bird-in-the-kitchen situation, I was prepared to spring into action! But since the door was wide open, the bird wisely headed for wide open spaces and swoosh, she was gone. Now to investigate…what had caused the crash?


That’s a little John thumbprint flower on the broken flowerpot. Seems like something I should try to glue back together?

Apparently, the bird had knocked a very small flowerpot off the shelf. I’m no bird expert (despite all my writing and dealings with birds lately) but that seemed like a feat of amazing strength. For a bird, that is.

Anyway, slowly and very carefully, we’re getting out again in my neck of the woods. Which means you may read about something other than birds (and squirrels) here. But I’m not making any promises.

Oh! I do have something completely different: rejection! That’s always a cheery subject (and nothing to do with birds) so if you’re interested in knowing a little about what makes a bad rejection good, then you can dash over to The Muffin for my“Tale of the Three Good Rejections.”

So that’s about it. Except for the cardinal I found on the screened-in porch. AAAACCKK.

I will not write about birds.

I will not write about birds.

I will not write about birds.

Best Advice for Aspiring Writers

When I read the words, “What’s your best advice for aspiring writers?” from K. L. Going, I was all excited! Kelly’s an award-winning writer whose books have sold well. So, I expected a super-secret inside look to the world of publishing. A how-to primer for achieving Fame andĀ Fortune!

What I got was a suggestion to live my life to the fullest. Um, really? That’s all it takes? Add adventure to my life, do something different and bold, live fully?

Girl, if my life got any more fuller, I’d need tranquilizers. So, you’re gonna have to give me more than that. Which reminds me of my latest rejection from Highlights.

I mean, yes, it was a rejection. But it was such a personal rejection. What I did wrong, what I did right, what I need to do in the future. And I didn’t wait a half year, either. I think I sent the game idea back in July, the same time I sent the craft idea that Highlights accepted. All in all, it was a very frutiful rejection.

See, Kelly? That’s the kind of advice I’m talking about, girl.