Mozark Press Call Out and Trying to Be Funny

Mozark Press has a quick call out for humorous stories that I received while hanging out at the beach with my folks. Which is kinda funny…well, let me tell you about the call out first.

The editor is seeking humorous fiction for A Shaker of Margaritas: A Bad Hair Day and you must submit by July 15th. So you probably want to go straight over here for all the submission details. It sounds like a fun premise, and the stories in the Shaker of Margaritas series are always a hoot, so I hope I can come up with something soon. Though I don’t know how good it’ll be if I need to write a humorous story.

See, I brought my mom and dad a handful of Chicken Soup books on this last visit: Chicken Soup’s Messages From Heaven, Boost Your Brain, and Married Life. All books that you may recall have a story from yours truly (also known as their loving daughter). My mom finally got around to reading my contributions (after I’d left) and so when I called to let her know I’d arrived safely back across the state, she wanted to let me know what she thought about my work.

MOM: I really like when you write a simple story…like the one in that Brain book. I don’t know about those stories when you try to be funny.

ME: Well, thanks, Mom. I’m kinda glad Chicken Soup doesn’t feel that way.

(I had two stories in the Married Life book.)

MOM: I’m just saying that your simple stories are better. I don’t know why you try to be funny.

(Notice how Mom kept saying “try to be funny”–clearly implying that I’m not succeeding.)

ME: Well, Mom, the Married Life book asked for funny stories. So I had to “try” to write something funny.

MOM: Oh. Well, I suppose if you had to try to be funny…

So I shall “try to be funny” for Shaker of Margaritas: Bad Hair Day. But I don’t think my mom’s expecting much.