Tuesday’s This ‘n That: Writing Contests!

I’ve found two interesting writing contests, and for once, you’re getting plenty of time to work on your entries!

CONTEST 1: The Washington Post Humor Contest

What I like about this contest is the prize money ($1,000) and no entry fee. I’m also rather fond of the idea of writing a true memoir, as I write that sort of thing all the time. Of course, it has to be funny and as we know, if we follow Cathy C. Hall’s posts regularly, I do not always excel at “trying to be funny.” So maybe I’ll try the Twitter joke or funny photo part of the contest. Because I can enter all three. For free!

What I don’t like about this contest is that right in the middle of reading the example put forth by The Washington Post, I had to sign in and create an account. But then, I suppose I have to have an account to enter the contest. I mean, dang. Don’t these people know I’m easily distracted by accounts to things like The Washington Post? And that I’ll never remember my user name and password? Plus, it appears that each contest has only one winner. ONE. Also, I’m more than a little intimidated by that list of judges. Don’t go look at them. You’ll be intimidated, too.

CONTEST 2: Write-on-Con’s Writing Contest Sponsored by The Reading Room

What I like about this contest is also the big money prize: $1,000! And it’s free to enter! And the winner gets an author profile at The Reading Room! And possible consideration by agent Catherine Drayton! And it’s 450 words from a YA/MG novel so I don’t have to think up anything new!

What I don’t like about this contest is that five submissions will be selected and then members of The Reading Room will vote to determine the Grand Prize Winner. Whenever a vote comes along in a contest, I’m not so thrilled. I mean, have you ever noticed that “vote” and veto” are the same letters? Of course, first I’d have to get to the Top 5. And then there’s only ONE winner. The odds of winning this contest are semi-staggering. Plus, I have to join the Reading Room and then I have to deal with remembering that whole username/password thing again.

I guess that’s about all I’ve got on the writing contests today. But I will leave you with this final thought: Someone has to win these contests. Why not you or me?