Winning Flush Fiction!

Whew! I had a lot of names to spin in the old random thingie but it finally spat out…DEBRA MAYHEW!!!! (I added those exclamation points, just for Debra.)

I know it stinks for the rest of you but I also happen to know that my friend, Beth Cato, is also giving away a copy of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction. Rush over to her blog here and leave a comment ’cause she’s drawing a name on Friday the 13th. Maybe that day will be lucky for you, huh?

And speaking of poopyheads (not Beth, me), I completely forgot to mention TeacherWriter yesterday when I was blah-blahing about Twitter Finds. Because truly, Suzanne is the Queen of Twitter Finds.

Just last week, whilst checking in at her super informative blog, I came across this plethora of Twitter finds, all in one post. She even has the links sorted into helpful categories so you can go down the writing smorgasbord and pick what you want.  I don’t know how often you’ll find her Twitter Finds of the week, but it’s well worth checking out.

And when you do do tell her I sent you.

UPDATE: Beth says, “If anyone has trouble leaving a comment at her livejournal post for the Flush Fiction giveaway, email her at Beth.L.Cato at gmail dot com and she will gladly post for them and include in the selection process.” Isn’t Beth the best?

13 thoughts on “Winning Flush Fiction!

  1. tried to comment on the other blog to win a book, because I’m really disappointed that I didn’t win that bathroom book, but I can never comment on those livejournal blogs. It drives me nuts. sigh. I may have to break down and buy my own copy.

    • Don’t give up hope, Sally! I sent a message to Beth, asking for the secret directions to commenting on livejournal-;-)

      (I have trouble commenting on those blogs, too. I’ll update when I hear back!)

  2. Yay!!!!! The exclamation points were completely warranted this time!!!! Can’t wait to get my copy. Thanks, Cathy!

    • Yayyyyy!! Hey, wait a minute. I need your address–the publisher’s sending the book!

      (You *will* let Luke read it, right?) 😉

  3. Hi Cathy, I just met Beth through an April Platform Challenge we’re doing through My Name Is Not Bob! Small world! I did have to sign up for an acct with Live Journal to leave a comment, but she has on there that you can email her as well. Thanks for referring this (contest) loser over there for a 2nd chance!

  4. Hi Cathy, I just met Beth through the April Platform Challenge we’re both doing through My Name Is Not Bob. Small world!

    Thank you for referring this (contest) loser over there for a 2nd chance at the book!

    • Well, Muddy, I guess this chance is so nice, you had to gush twice! 😉

      I “met” Beth several years ago through WOW!–I love her fiction! She’s a talented gal.

  5. Quiz Question: Why did I leave my comment twice?
    a) I had trouble logging into my google account so I thought the 1st one didn’t post.
    b) I’ve spent enough time in Walla Walla, WA that saying everything twice has rubbed off on me.
    c) I had temporary amnesia brought on by Easter candy sugar high.
    d) all of the above.

    How embarrassing!

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