WOW! on Fun Saturday (and Julie Andrews!)

Yeah, it’s usually Fun Friday, but it’s May, okay? And as you may recall if you read this post, I have motivational issues in the spring. Besides, I’m only a day late–and as I wanted to give you a little push to the May 5th Muffin post, it’s pretty swell how it all worked out.

Oh! And one more thing.  May always makes me think of Julie Andrews singing “The Lovely Month of May” from the musical, Camelot. Once I start hearing that song in my head, I can’t get any work done. And I’ll bet you’re not going to get any work done on a Saturday, either, right? So you might as well watch Julie in Grim Colberty Tales. Talk about your fun.


6 thoughts on “WOW! on Fun Saturday (and Julie Andrews!)

  1. I had a problem commenting at the muffin for some reason. (story of my life) But the writer’s retreat sounded like a lot of fun and much easier to put together than I thought. Glad you had a good time and got so much done!

  2. Hilarious. I love Julie Andrews. I’ll never look at Brussel sprouts again without wanting to get all sparkly. Going to check out The Muffin.

    • Thanks for the Muffin comment, Sioux! Sorry that you couldn’t comment there, Deb–one day it will all come together and unicorns will frolick and candy will fall from the skies…yeah, um, it may never happen–;-)

      And Donna, I have loved Julie since I was 8. Seriously. I wanted to be Julie when I grew up. It was a while before I realized I couldn’t grow up to be an actual personality, but for a brief and glorious time, I dreamed of being Julie Andrews. And it was practically perfect in every way. 🙂

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