Where Has All The Summer Gone? (A Writing Lesson Learned)

cow pics 210So I was piddling around with the cows this weekend, and sometime late Sunday night, wore out from cow pies and giggles, I came across an email. An email that had somehow burrowed into an inbox black hole.  And though I occasionally discover “lost” emails, they are most often junk emails.

This was not a junk email.

It was an editor email. An editor asking, mostly nicely, whether I was going to ever get to work on the next project. And I thought (after I freaked out about it having arrived in the black hole three weeks ago) that it hadn’t really been that long. I mean, geez, it was just…let’s see…three months ago since I finished the other project and said I’d get back to her soon.

Um…three months? Three. Whole. Months. OHMYWORD! ITHADBEENTHREEMONTHS!

So, yeah. Then I really freaked out. ‘Cause basically, I work all day, most every day, writing. What had I been doing?

I suppose I could make a pie chart and figure it all out, but I think that might be a wee bit depressing, to see how I’ve actually been wasting time.

And anyway, I have been working. Of course I’ve been working. I just don’t have anything tangible…say, like an improved bank account…to show for it. That’s the unfortunate side of working on picture book manuscripts or middle grade manuscripts or any manuscript, for that matter. You work and work and write and write–and all the while, you’re operating on all sorts of intangibles.

Like faith in yourself and your work, trusting that your craft’s improving, hoping that this time, you’ve captured on paper the story that’s in your heart.

You can’t put faith, hope, and trust in a bank. But I still believe that someday, that work will pay off.

In the meantime, I’ve responded to that email and thanked that editor for her extreme patience. And though she hasn’t given me a deadline, I kinda think I need to finish this project tout de suite. So there’ll be no more watching comedians or listening to Julie Andrews or messing with cows.

Well. Maybe one more cow pic. (Who knew they were so darn cute?) cow pics 211


Tra La, It’s May! Let’s Do Some Bidding!

ImageTra la, it’s May! That gorgeous holiday! That darling month when everyone throws self-control away!

I hope Messrs. Lerner and Lowe won’t mind me switching up their lyrics, but I needed something amazing to convey just how ridiculously excited I am about Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research. And honestly, nothing says out-of-control like Cathy singing really, really loud and clicking on auction items she can’t afford.

Writers can find a veritable smorgasbord of goodies to bid on, from critiques to cover endorsements to author dinner dates. But it’s not all about writing, or even book giveaways. It’s like going on a treasure hunt over there! Gift baskets, jewelry, handmade clothing, prints and art and…well, SO much more. I’m just a big fan of this auction!

I’m a big fan of diabetes research, too. Thanks to strides in diabetes management, my wonderful big brother lives a wonderful life. So I’m happy to support Brenda’s cause. And snagging an auction item along with it?

Better than Julie singing “The Lusty Month of May” at full volume. (Oh, geez. Here I go again…TRA LA, IT’S MAY, THE LUSTY MONTH OF MAY!)

WOW! on Fun Saturday (and Julie Andrews!)

Yeah, it’s usually Fun Friday, but it’s May, okay? And as you may recall if you read this post, I have motivational issues in the spring. Besides, I’m only a day late–and as I wanted to give you a little push to the May 5th Muffin post, it’s pretty swell how it all worked out.

Oh! And one more thing.  May always makes me think of Julie Andrews singing “The Lovely Month of May” from the musical, Camelot. Once I start hearing that song in my head, I can’t get any work done. And I’ll bet you’re not going to get any work done on a Saturday, either, right? So you might as well watch Julie in Grim Colberty Tales. Talk about your fun.