Freelancer Tip and Other Super Stuff

Just a heads up that I’m over at The Muffin today, blogging about a freelancer tip that will start you on the road to profitability.

Ooooh, that sounds good, doesn’t it? I should use that hook again. (Um, yeah. You’ll probably see it next week.)

And a reminder that it’s not too late to leave a comment to win Chicken Soup’s Boost Your Brain Power. So dash over here for a chance that will start you on the road to brainy brilliance. (Technically, it’s not the exact same line. So it doesn’t count.)

Oh, wait! My friend, Sally Apokedak, is giving away a Kindle Fire over at her blog. So you’ll want to dash over there and sign up before it’s too late!

You know, a freelance tip and a book doesn’t seem half as exciting now.

3 thoughts on “Freelancer Tip and Other Super Stuff

  1. Oh, Cathy. You love reading fiction, don’t you. After making my rounds as a pro wrestler, I did a stint as a super model. Iman and I did the catwalk, side by side.

    Ooops, get back on track. I enjoyed your article about “when it’s not good enough.” A great reminder to all freelancing writers. And I subscribed to your friend’s newsletter (I’m always on the lookout for good books for kids). I have no chance to win the Kindle (I’m notoriously unlucky) but who knows?

  2. Sioux, I have quite a bizarre imagination–which comes in handy when writing. Real life…not so much. 😉 Good luck over at Sally’s. You’re gonna love her newsletter (and blog)!

    (And that’s for real–no flight of fancy there!)

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