And The Winning Brain Is…

I suppose it would be more proper to say the winner of Chicken Soup’s Boost Your Brain Power is…




But just think of what a winning brain she’s going to have! Yay!

(Bet you were hanging about, thinking, dang. It’s almost 11:00 and we have no idea who’s going to win this book. Cathy’s probably sitting around, piddling on FB and whatnot instead of throwing those names into the hat and marching the Beneficent Mr. Hall in there to pick a name.

But that is completely false. I was watching America’s Got Talent.)

7 thoughts on “And The Winning Brain Is…

  1. Gail Handler–It’s another Gail. It’s me–GailSioux. Sorry about that, Gail Handler.

    America’s Got Talent? Seriously.

    Watch SYTYCD on Wednesday. Those dancers are amazing. Wean yourself from Howard and Howie and get addicted to Nigel and Mary.

    • Sioux, I ALWAYS watch SYTYCD–one of my absolute favorites! AGT, on the other hand, is one of those commercial break programs–while I’m going through emails, watching the Braves.

      I’m always on the lookout for characters, and AGT is brimming with interesting ones! 😉

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