Winning With Ack! Mistakes


Juniorette, pitching in with the ACK face.

Ack! Remember back when I admitted that I’d done something really stupid, writing-wise?

No, not that something stupid, or that ack!, either. I mean the one from last week, the publicizing-my-blog feature ack!

Now, another writer might get annoyed at making mistakes, over and over and over again. And if I didn’t learn something extremely helpful from every mistake I made, I would get annoyed.

Take, for example, that last mistake. I learned a little something about the importance of strong titles and hooking your blog readers with an interest-grabbing first line to your post. (You can find out the particulars over at this Muffin post.)

So I like to think I’m becoming a better writer, ack! by ack! by ack! Plus, I never seem to run out of material for blog posts.

It’s a win-win.

2 thoughts on “Winning With Ack! Mistakes

  1. Thanks, Sioux, for faithfully reading my posts here AND there! That’s a Blogger widget, I think, that allows for that first line scroll with your blog name? But if you’re on Facebook, you can use Networked Blogs to promote your blog posts (and it works the same way).

    When I check FB, I almost always zip to a blog that pops up in my feed–I don’t know that I’ll access a blog through the Blogger feed so much, though I absolutely appreciate bloggers who add my blog to their Blogroll! ♥

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