Tuesday Tip: Sell Your Talent for Five Bucks

Have you seen Fiverr®? I could write the explanation but it’d be better (and way more fun) if you just go and read the front page. And then dash right back here, because honestly, you will get happily lost in that rabbit hole.

See what I mean? And that’s just the “featured” group of talent going for five bucks. Zip around a bit and you’ll find all kinds of things that folks will do for five bucks. I mean, nice things that folks will do. SO many artists and writers and musicians and…well, just super creative types out there, with super creative services to sell.

I’m not sure that a freelancer is going to get rich there–heck, I’m not even sure a freelancer will make five bucks with Fiverr®–but I am smitten with this site. It’s like a whole bunch of five-year olds, raising their hands, trying to get their mommies’ attention. “Look what I can do! Watch this! Look at this!”

And I racked my five-year-old brain parts, trying to come up with some quirky writing talent that I could sell for five bucks. So far, my super creative side’s been a bust.

Probably because it fell into Fiverr® and can’t get out.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Sell Your Talent for Five Bucks

  1. Okay, shame on you. I’m trying to have a productive afternoon here, and look what you’ve gone and done! I’ve bookmarked it, for Pete’s sake! Because, yes, I have to go back! I want to check out the guy who writes the song. Is it a SONG, song, or a two line ditty song? How good can it be for $5? I may just have to find out. *sigh*

  2. I KNOW, Lisa! Have you looked in the Fun and Bizarre category yet? Some of ’em–I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I say we get together for lunch and come up with something to put out there…your speedster talent and my weird brain, we could be rich, I tell you. RICH! 😀

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