Friday’s Fun Find: Something Completely Different

ImageSo like I said, it’s been busy with all kinds of party-making ’round here. Just the other day, I zipped down to the neighbor’s house to celebrate their daughter’s high school graduation, and whilst stuffing my face with a delicious petit four (Fun fact for the day: petit four is a French word that means “small oven.”), I had a little chat with the neighbor’s dad.

The neighbor’s dad, it turns out, reads this blog faithfully. Which may not seem exactly blog-worthy, but here’s the thing. The neighbor’s dad is not a writer. Has never been a writer, and as far as I know, doesn’t want to ever become a writer. (He’s a retired physician and accomplished artist, actually.) Naturally, I was surprised that he would read a blog on, well…basically, writing.

It was at this point in our little conversation that he admitted to skipping a lot of the writing stuff. Fair enough. But he likes the other parts.

Um…I’m not sure what other parts he likes. The artfully-arranged pictures? My insouciant turn of a phrase? The witty ambiance of the blog?

Anyway, I thought, it being Fun Friday, I’d find some funny art. Because come on, guys. The man’s been reading this blog forever.

And now, without further ado, I present 13 Weird Paintings, courtesy of CollegeHumor. This one’s for you, Warren!

(The rest of y’all choose one of those weird paintings as a writing prompt. Except for the alien, chimp and baby pic. I mean, even the Beneficent Mr. Hall could come up with 500 words for that.)