Tra La, It’s May! Let’s Do Some Bidding!

ImageTra la, it’s May! That gorgeous holiday! That darling month when everyone throws self-control away!

I hope Messrs. Lerner and Lowe won’t mind me switching up their lyrics, but I needed something amazing to convey just how ridiculously excited I am about Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research. And honestly, nothing says out-of-control like Cathy┬ásinging really, really loud and clicking on auction items she can’t afford.

Writers can find a veritable smorgasbord of goodies to bid on, from critiques to cover endorsements to author dinner dates. But it’s not all about writing, or even book giveaways. It’s like going on a treasure hunt over there! Gift baskets, jewelry, handmade clothing, prints and art and…well, SO much more. I’m just a big fan of this auction!

I’m a big fan of diabetes research, too. Thanks to strides in diabetes management, my wonderful big brother lives a wonderful life. So I’m happy to support Brenda’s cause. And snagging an auction item along with it?

Better than Julie singing “The Lusty Month of May” at full volume. (Oh, geez. Here I go again…TRA LA, IT’S MAY, THE LUSTY MONTH OF MAY!)