Finding Fourth of July Fun


There comes a time when one must find one’s own fun.

When I asked the Beneficent Mr. Hall if we’d be doing something thrilling and exciting for 4th of July, he asked what I had in mind.

And I said, “I was thinking of going to the top of the Georgia Aquarium for Red, White and Brew. Great food! Fireworks! And brew!”

And he said, “Is it going to be crowded?”

Ummm…it’s Atlanta. It’s ALWAYS crowded.

Then he asked, “Is it outside? ‘Cause that’s gonna be really hot.”

Ummm…it’s FIREWORKS.

I did not exactly respond to the mister. But I did write a 4th of July story for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Fourth of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest. And you know what? It was a ton of fun (and delightfully cool and uncrowded, now that I think about it).

P.S. Hope your 4th is fun, too! ( And join the writing fun! Come up with a 400 word story and post it on your blog by July 5th!)


44 thoughts on “Finding Fourth of July Fun

  1. Cathy–What a charming story to take me into the 4th…

    And speaking of charming (this time it’s a verb and not an adjective)…You nudged and cajoled and charmed me into working on a website for myself. I followed the advice of one of your commenters about how easy is, and started on it this morning. Thanks for this post and the one on WOW–The Muffin.

    • Look at you, Sioux! I have a Weebly account but haven’t had time to play with it–and my website on Go Daddy went bye-bye last year. 🙂

      With all that you can get with a blog now, sometimes a great blog is more than enough. I think the important thing, whether it’s a website or blog (or combination thereof) is to stay updated and engage your readers. (And that your online presence reflect your personality. That should be a LOT of fun for you! Can’t wait to see it!)

  2. What a wonderful, fun story, Cathy, and with such a believable appealing kid character! I’m glad Maggie got to go to America’s birthday party 🙂 I got to go to the Georgia Aquarium once a few years ago – it was AMAZING! – but I don’t think I was at the top… just inside. Thanks so much for entering your terrific story in the contest!

    • Oh, the Georgia Aquarium IS amazing! And I’ve heard (from Oldest Junior Hall) that the Red, White and Brew is pretty amazing, too. Maybe I should just go with him? 🙂

      Thanks for the contest! It was a fun 4th of July challenge!

  3. What a cute story! I like Maggie and how she’s very, very bored and very, very good at figuring out secrets. 🙂 It was neat how you worked in the various aspects of the holiday as she attempted to solve the mystery. Great job! I really enjoyed it.

  4. Totally love this story. Aren’t you glad we didn’t get the flooding that was predicted? Although we had to bar-b-que in shifts. Back to the story, this is such a delightful read. I can just see the expressions of the characters as I read your story. Enjoyed it.

    • Thanks, Pam–I’m thinking I may send this story out for a 4th of July holiday themed market. (But I need a few more words–I wanted to get a parade in there-) 😉

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