Finding the Kidlitosphere Conference

conferenceIf you’re big on blogging about children’s literature, you’ll want to attend the Kidlitosphere Conference in Washington this October 17th.

But you know what? Even if you’re not a blogger, this conference might be perfect for you. Because it may give you that push you need to start a blog. It will definitely address any questions you might have, and inspire you along the way.

Look at some of these conference offerings: Building a Better Blog, Social Networking for Fun (and Profit?), and Coming Together, Giving Back.

It’s just one day, and it’s just $100. It’s in Washington, which might be very convenient if you live around Washington. Um, maybe not so convenient if you don’t.

Still, if you’re planning on taking a little trip, a one-day conference may fit in nicely. And hey, you can blog all about it!

Weekend Wishing: Share a Story, Shape a Future

This weekend, I wish to find the time to read the whole week’s worth of postsĀ  by all the wonderful folks who put together the Share a Story, Shape a Future blog tour for literacy.

Elizabeth Dulemba, who drew that cute-as-button bear button for the tour, hosted today (check out her blog here). She explores (with all kinds of fab links) the techno-side of reading, which I have to admit, pulls out a mixed-bag of feelings for me.

I’m intrigued by all the technical applications for reading books, and I think these apps appeal to young readers. In fact, my gut tells me that techno-reading is the reading wave of the future. But I love books-the feel, the smell, the intimate experience of being curled up with pages, and I want future generations to enjoy that experience. I guess the technical applications are a little like heaven-I’m all for it, just not ready to get there yet.

And here’s a few other wishes I have, while I’m at it. I wish that every kid finds somebody wonderful to encourage reading, techno or old school. And I wish all kinds of wonderful things for all those who took the time to make the Share a Story, Shape a Future literacy blog tour such a wonderful place to visit!

What’s New Wednesday? KIDLITOSPHERE!

Have you checked out Kidlitosphere yet? I stumbled across this cool website of bloggers just the other day and immediately dashed off an email, asking to join.

And today, I found Finders and Keepers on the Miscellaneous Blogroll! Wheee!

Um, maybe I should explain that Whee! a bit. Kidlitosphere is a society of bloggers in children’s and young adult literature. So, in one place, you can find blogs by authors, editors, publishers, librarians, reviewers, and all other manner of folks excited about children’s and YA literature.

I think that’s kinda cool, finding like-minded souls, all gathered together in one spot, to expound, investigate, review, enlighten, and share kid’s literature.

Kidlitosphere. One big ball of kidlit blogs. And now Finders and Keepers is rolling along for the ride, too. Wheeee!